snarkipuss (snarkipuss) wrote in find_a_song,

song help PLEASE! 80s/90s female singer

My dad loaned me a mixtape that his friend made around 20 years ago. It contains mostly stuff from the 80s/90s. I got the names of all the tracks except one and I can't find it anywhere!!!

this song is on an actual cassette and I'm looking to find the title so I can buy it for my dad and put it on a CD. It would mean the WORLD to me if I could find it out!

Some of the lyrics are:
Well I’ve seen her [something] low before. Never sure she was black and blue. Never heard her cry like this before. [no idea what she says there] You might’ve treated her like something.
...The rest of the verse lyrics are just so muddled, I wouldn’t be able to get them accurate.
You…. You might’ve treated her like something.
You might’ve treated her like something (etc)
Don’t you realize and say no no?
Realize and say no no
When you realize and say something
Will you say something?
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