sofiapedro1 (sofiapedro1) wrote in find_a_song,

I can't find it anywhere!!!

Hey everyone! I am looking specifically for a music video that I ramdomly stumbled upon on Youtube =.="

First of all Youtube asked me to confirm I was 18 (which I thought was weird); the video started out pretty normal, so it made me wonder why. Then I noticed the name of the song. Although I don't remember it, I know it was something pretty disturbing: something like "I want to drink your blood" or something gory like that!

I took my eyes off the screen for a while and when I looked again I was shocked; the singer was covered in blood. The video had good production values, and you could tell it is fairly recent, might be from the last two years.

All I remember is that it was sung by a blond (?) girl and that it had a pop-ish sound, thus the weird reaction to the blood scene! Sorry, that's all I remember! Thank you for your time!
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