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Please Help.

This may not be much to go on but I would really appreciate any help in finding this song.

Because I don't know the language, it could be Korean, Japanese, Chinese (anything from the Asian continent).

From what I remember, the music video was pretty soft, there was a piano, or maybe just instruments, playing in the background and the male singer was dressed in all white, most of the video had a white-ish theme.

The video played scenes of this little girl, at one point she was walking under a staircase and some kids dumped water on her from a bucket above.

There's a part in the video where the music stops playing and the singer stops singing so the little girl can say something, kind of like she's praying, on this little bridge that seemed to be around a prayer site.

Throughout the video she is carrying around this light tan teddy bear with her? (I know she carried a teddy bear but maybe it was a different color?)

I think the video ends with the girl grown up?

That's all I remember because it came with an mp3 I got when I was like 11 and 7 years later I'm still trying to find the song. I wish I knew the name but I couldn't read it but I really LOVED the song.

I really wanna know what song it was, someone please help me find it! (:
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