Ruslan Zozulya (Ruslan Zozulya) wrote in find_a_song,
Ruslan Zozulya
Ruslan Zozulya

Hello. Pls help me to find artist.

1. Sorry for my english. I am ukrainian.
2. Exactly 1 year ago I saw musicvideo on Spinnin TV. I searched all the webs, but can't find. In that video was presented a small love story. Singer is a black haired woman. In the beginning she sang on the street near the wall, than at home or studio (there was a bike and maybe she was on it), after that at home on sofa with red color headphones (Monster Beats) on her head & playing on the guitar. In the end she broke up with the guy & drived away by car.
3. The words in chorus was something like
Keep Keep dreaming... I I'm falling... Just another (smthng)...
4. Genre - can't say exactly, but i think pop/rock.
5. Sorry for my english one more time. This song is very important for me because of memories related with it. Wish u do ur best to find it. Thks for attetion.
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